I love what I do.
It’s my passion.

Self Employed | Jesse Dercks
Age | 23 years
Filmmaker and Photographer | 2010 – present
Study | Teacher Geography (2018 – present)
City | Duiven, Netherlands

I picked up a camera at the age of ten and since then I can’t life without it. Being able to create stories, inspire people or even inspire myself, is something I want to do today and the rest of my life. It started with nature photography. A lot of nature photography. Walking for hours with my dad in nearby forest to capture that one unique moment of sunshine or wildlife interaction. In that period I learned a lot about the technical aspects of a camera. Later I combined all my knowlegde to tell stories. Even more when I discovered filmmaking. Filmmaking opened a whole new world for me. The possiblity to tell stories in a new way, not only by moving images but also with sound and music, is a great journey to discover.

Nowadays I immensly enjoy to combine to two arts. The simplicity of photography and the complexity of filmmaking is for me a great combination to be able to express myself to the fullest. I always try to create something for myself, because I believe that’s the most honest way of creating. But ofcourse I hope my creations will inspire or touch you as much as it did me in the process of making it.

Thank you for visiting, Jesse

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